The tent!

The tent!
Two men!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

KFC by any other name

Having recovered the signs from Ruth we motored on through Croydon and Normanton finishing up at Karumba, the prawn capital of Oz.
Nearby there was a massive live cattle export facility which offered restful dulcet ventilation tones throughout the problem for John...he simply snored louder.

Checked out Normanton the following morning, typical of a town in the aftermath of a gold rush = a huge Burns Philp building, the largest captured crocodile in the world ever....ever.

That afternoon we ended up in Burketown at an OK camping area.

Next day left for Adel's Grove ( editor's note: get your atlases out people ) on 200k's of dirt and a little bitumen....arrived at 1.12pm and we were in the two man canoe by 2.13pm - spectacular scenery, freshwater waterfall and the odd lazy freshwater croc here and there. Our friendly canoe hirer, Warwick confessed in an unguarded moment that he did not like Prados ( Morrie's ilk ) as " they're like bums. Eveyone has one "............Geez Warwick.

Went on several walks the next day through spectacular Constance Range and Harry's Hill.

Roast pork dinner - the female flautist, Mary hit on Ian but he just didn't get it.............but that's another story.

.....and now to the title of this blog..........left Adel's Grove with minor trepidation about two of the upcoming river crossings ahead on the way to KINGFISHER CAMP ( get it?.....KFC ). Travelled through Lawn Hill station on the Savannah Way on a prety good road apart from the last 40ks of heavy and deep bull dust ( editor's note: for you golfing readers similar to bunkers at Royal Sydney Golf Club ).

Basic camp at Kingfisher but at least we got to see a Kingfisher bird...just like a kookaburra only blue.

Today ( Wednesday ) saw us get 480ks under our belt; Hell's Gate Roadhouse, many river crossings, some good road surfaces, some bad road surfaces but now we are comfortably tucked up in our tent in Borroloola.

 J & I

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