The tent!

The tent!
Two men!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pics from Grate Expectations, take 2

Morrie getting his signs ripped off and Ruth scmoozing to John


  1. Hey John,

    Did you get cured?

    Did that pussy rubbing your leg help?

    Great to see you keeping them socks white.

    And what's the go with the fuzz? You know baldies are the most evolved of the human kind, cause the average hair folicle grows 13 hairs in a life time, but baldies grow only an average of 4 before they cut out. All due to an oversupply of the male sex hormone testosterone.

    I reckon Ruth baby was right onto that aspect of you John.

    Bazza Seeking a Cure

  2. John, Your life skills are growing. Not only a lumberjack but now a merchant seaperson ( to use your correct political speak). Enjoying your journey while we golf along the Murray.

    Annie & Ian