The tent!

The tent!
Two men!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bowen central, days 9 and 10 10 - 11 July

A short trip today into Bowen to stay with good friends of John's, Sue and Ted Gatkowski and their son Adam. Within 1.5 hours we were aboard their craft Koorelah travelling at 70 kph (twin Suzuki 175 hp outboard motors) to lunch across the bay opposite Gloucester Island to Monte's, a Bowen icon, for lunch. Trawled for Spanish mackerel without success but what fantastic scenery and jade green waters. Later that night we got up close and personal to the pilotage operations for Abbot Point coal loader and saw off a bloody great ship full of the finest Bowen coal. The next day we spent some time with Adam discussing our trip to Bamaga, toured Bowen and saw the old Catalina ramp and site as well as many of the scenes and scenery out of the Baz Luhrman film Australia (Nic and Hugh) which was set in this very town. Nearly touched by greatness! Huge thanks to all the Gats for their great hospitality and wonderful memories, with pics to prove it, of New Guinea (before it flew solo) back in the 70s. A few musings: why is camping area toilet paper of single ply? John's and my conversations are on the improve and extraordinarily stimulating. Example:" Jeez it's a big country, John!" "Yeah". Life is nice. More later so please watch this space and tell your friends.

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