The tent!

The tent!
Two men!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Adventure on the high seas (cont)

Anyhow, where was I? Oh yes, we were bound for Cairns but suddenly a dramatic turn of events..... We (that's the royal "We", ie the boat's captain) were asked to detour via Flinders Island Princess Charlotte Bay to pick up a disabled catamaran for carting (that's the right nautical word I reckon) to Cairns. Much excitement amongst the ship's passengers when we heeled to (that's again the right nautical term I reckon) 100 metres from the catamaran. Guess what its name was. San e t! Good eh! The skipper of the craft was highly agitated when hoisted aboard with his vessel, talking about the $15000 he or his insurance co would be forking out. His problem was he'd been living on the boat for 10 years and really didn't need this sort of stuff! Anyhow, after a precise and very professional rescue and crane hoist of the craft aboard our vessel we set off back on our voyage to Cairns arriving around 1pm. An emotional time for all as we farewelled Nola 1, Nola 2, Anne, John, Bert, Pere, Will, Gail, Elaine and all the other co-passengers, swearing undying love for all and promising never to forget our memorable time aboard. Sigh! The stuff dreams are made of! Washed Morrie, pumped up his tyres, bought groceries and returned to the camping ground we previously plonked down in to be greeted by mein hostess and welcomed back. How could she ever forget us! Tomorrow, after a bit of remedial attention to Morrie's dashboard, we leave for Normanton on our further circumnavigation of our wonderful continent. We have had a ball and are still talking!

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