The tent!

The tent!
Two men!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paronella Park and Barrelling towards Cairns

It's Tuesday and we left the Gats about 9am with lotsa beautiful fish fillets - we were royally looked after by team Gatkowski - thank you - aimed towards Bingil Bay, ended up at Mission Beach camping area - a lady from Narooma liked Ian quite a lot but I sorted it..........called in at Cardwell where Ian did a week of intensive SES work after Yasi hoping to see how the baker he had helped was travelling but .......sad news..he had, after his second cyclone, Larry then Yasi, moved to Dimboola and the bakery was empty.

 Cardwell to Tully still showing the scars of Yasi but after 5 months starting to show signs of recovery.

It's now Wednesday and another snifter of a day on the track - 7.02am rise with sprinkles of rain but don't worry Uncle , we got your tent down lickety split and into Morrie before it started to rain with purpose.

Spent an hour at Paronella Park just South of Innisfail - an extraordinary thing really - this 26 year old cobber called called Jose ( Joe to his mates ) built this wonderful monument to his dream in about 8 years starting in 1929 - he was a little bullfighter who emigrated from Spain to FNQ on a whim.....
but , despite floods, neglect and perhaps a lack of money this place is still worth a visit - thanks Mel.

Now in a rather nice caravan park in Cairns central with a visit planned tomorrow to terrorise Chris and Val Miesch who I have known for 43 years.....Mother of Pearl!  They have a great hacienda on the edge of Lake of Australia's overlooked nirvanas.

Meanwhile we are mingling with 10,000 other grey nomads per night..........heaven on a stick.

Thanks for listening..............we love this country................


  1. Hi John (and Ian), am following your trip with interest. Sounds fabulous. What gorgeous country you are heading in to now. Great friends of ours (actually happens to be another old boss of mine!) live in Herberton in the Tablelands. We love it up there. I look forward to your next exciting trip update!

  2. OK I have missed the first few posts. It looks the email link is not working. Anyway diggers you are doing a great job - keep it up. Since you have been on your trip I have been to Stockholm which is probably much the same as where you are except the Sheilas are blonder.