The tent!

The tent!
Two men!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Good Ship MV Christine about an adventure for two old cobbers.

We stayed in Broome on the Thursday early night as we were at Broome airport at 6.45am the next morning. We were in the air by 7.05am in an aircraft called a mallard; a 1945 jobbie that could take off and land on sea or land; it had been maticulously restored and was a credit to the Papsayley group. A sixteen seater which was simply called Paspayley Pearls.

After a one hour flight which passed over some of the most stunning Kimberley scenery you will never see from the road, we landed at Kouri Bay where we were met by John the Legend who whisked us safely and swiftly for 30 minutes across the bay where we were greeted by a beautifully well kept MV Christine and her skipper the world renown Dace. Dace has been with the Papsayley group for well over 1000 years and knows more about pearling, the ocean and ships than anyone.

For the next four and half days we visited pearl farms, pearling vessels, many people involved in this fascinating industry, lifted, shifted and broke things on the Christine and if we had had our way during our watch we would have finished up in New Guinea. Thankfully Dace and his crew controlled our zeal with the wheel.

We have to say that the voyage from Kouri Bay to Darwin revealed some of the most beautiful coastline Australia has to offer: another day another bay.

We now better understand the pearling industry and its fascinating idiosyncrasies far better than a week ago.

We now have 3 days in Darwin unloading and re-loading.

Naturally Dace and his crew have asked us to help them on the return journey from Darwin to Broome. Dace clealry has the perspicacity to recognise our knowledge and experience in this industry, in fact he is quite fortunate to have us on board.

More pics and stories after we complete our return journey.

Life's not a rehearsal - just do it.

J & I

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  1. Hi Ian finally signed into your amazingly funny blog. looking forward to seeing you early Oct and reading more of your daily escapades.