The tent!

The tent!
Two men!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Borroloola to Katherine.

We left Borroloola early en route to Daly Waters and its iconic eponymous (look it up Marcus!) pub but were waylaid/seduced by the sight of a shiny blue helicopter at Cape Crawford offering  a 20 min seeing of the sights of the Lost City (huge sandstony sort of Easter Island stuff meets moonscape vibe - get the picture?). That was ossome! Then on to the DW Pub, as I said, an iconic tongue very much in cheek watering hole for 250 adjoining camp ground dwellers. Now try the maths on this one: 250 people with toileting needs and 7 (SEVEN!) (am I starting to shout?) combined showers and dunnies. Let me be totally open with our readers..... if a shower or toilet is in use, that knocks out the combination other shower or toilet. Am I starting to sound a bit manic? Anyhow, we managed and had a really good night at the pub listening to a middle-aged (sigh!) dude singing 60s stuff and Chilli doing his stand-up, singing and bush poetry. Beef and barra was the evening repast and very delicious at that.

Next day put us into Katherine to stay with John's bro in law, Keith. Strange coincidence: Keith is also Christine's brother! Keith is with the NT Police and has been doing an outstanding job there for over 30 years. His wife Heather is similarly employed but she is away in Bangkok enjoying a well-earned break (but probably escaping from John!).

We are very lucky to be spending a few days with Keith to reacquaint ourselves with things called beds, showers and washing machines. Aren't they fantastic!

Keith gave us a guided tour of Katherine cop shop (100 employees!) and showed us some of the tricks of being a Scene of Crime Officer, the cells, and generally how best to keep on the straight and narrow.

Last night John and I were lucky enough to attend a Rotary meeting in Katherine where we met lots of the locals and enjoyed pizzas and bread and butter pudding. Something completely different!

We went out today for a swim at Edith Falls, 60 ks north east of Katherine. Magnificent water and scenery as I hope the photos will show.

Now busily working on Morrie for the next leg of the trip and looking forward to the arrival in Darwin next Tuesday of Our Fair Ladies. Gawd it's been a long time!

Server probs. - will send photos later.

I & J

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