The tent!

The tent!
Two men!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Doing it the Savannah Way

Back again! After an emotional farewell to the ladies from Darwin airport around midnight, we headed back to our lodgings to complete the final reloading of Morrie for 7.30 departure the same morning. Having then departed at the appointed time we travelled south thru Katherine and then west back on the Savannah Way headed for Broome to join the Paspaley boat MV Christine sailing to Darwin and then returning to Broome (where Morrie was to be left) along some of the most extraordinary coastline in the world.

We pulled in early to the Victoria River Roadhouse where we erected a piece of heavy duty plastic on top of which we placed our sleeping bags and that was literally our digs for the night (see photo). Watch the heavens as you drift off to sleep! That is one sucker of a celestial canopy!

Next day we ended up in Halls Creek after a long day's travel taking in Lake Argyle and Durack Museum. Unfortunate incident at NT/WA border where we had to hand over our apples and tangellos due to quarantine restrictions. We were able however before doing so to stuff our faces with a few kilos of the fruit as long as we handed over the peel and cores before continuing along the Savannah Way. Halls Creek was stuffed to the gunwhales with pre-booked bus tours but somehow we managed to secure the only remaining 2 beds within a radius of two continents as the caravan park was a tad ordinary so to speak. It was probably the dust and the barbed wire that gave it away but I'm only guessing.

John will now take you in to Broome.......

There is something mesmerising about barrelling west at 100 cliks in Morrie, with Lonnie Donegan blasting out, the constant hum of the old 3 litre diesel and the odd shapes of the boab trees yelling at you; it is actually an uplifting for John's constant hypotheticals and oftentimes feckless philosophy.....we think the old pappa smerf beard has affected his stability a little.

On our journey it is normal to honk the horn at birds eating wallabies etc on the road lest you kill the birds too but I noticed mid afternoon John was honking at skid marks and not many of them flew away.

The continuous stunning vistas of blues, purples and intermittent ocres, Utah type shortened mountain ranges and Savannah Way grass reminds me of the beauty of the Bayeux tapestry; visually attractive and cleverly strung together.

After travelling on the Savannah Way for 4500 cliks we rumbled into Broome about 3.21pm this arvo...Thursday..25 August... to rendevous with Tony Cooke from Paspayley Pearls - John nick named him Captain Cook - he thought it was Tony.

Captain instructed us to be back at the Paspayley operation at 6.30am tom. morn.........we then jump on a circa 1945 sea plane, called a mallard with no outriggers.......just a belly fuselage which will whisk us to the MV Christine by morning two old corporate wallahs..........we're excited.....

Thanks for listening...........

Watch this space for a ripping account of the next 4 days aboardthe good ship Christine coming to a blog near you soon

Good night

J & I

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  1. I am sorry Digger but that beard is not looking any better! back from Oz - off to the USA on Tuesday.