The tent!

The tent!
Two men!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Talk about no trees!

So anyhow, we were last in Esperance when I updated this marvellous blog.

We left that neat little town after another very early start. (Memo Colin: would you please switch your State to daylight-saving. Thank you.) We headed trepidatiously to the Coodingup Tavern 60 ks out of Esperance where we were reliably informed that we could obtain the latest accurate info re the state of the 4WD-only Parmango Road. Colleen assured us that we would make it ok so on we went. As we penetrated deeper and deeper into Parmango Road our fondness for Morrie escalated dramatically. By the time we were past the point of no return and had well and truly crossed the Rubicon, the signs along the road were shrieking at potential 2-wheel drivers and especially caravan haulers to turn back. We pressed on amidst wash-outs, clay pans and lots of corrugations to finally rejoin the Eyre Highway at Balladonia. Mission accomplished and job well done even though, again, a few geriatric butterflies managed to outpace us at times.

We then treated ourselves to a "free" (read no amenities, no water, no toilets, no nuttin) camp site with sweeping views of the Eyre Highway and the gentle rumbling of road trains during the extremely cold night. The flatness of the gravel patch on which we pitched the tent made up for everything! A photo will complete the picture.

This morning, after having adjusted our watches forward 45 minutes, we set off early for Ceduna and crossed the WA/SA border 3 hours later. Absolutely spectacular coastline views of the Great Australian Bight greeted us as a photo or 2 will show. On the other side of the highway was something completely different. Now I don't know what Nullabor means but my goodness gracious there is not a single tree to be seen there for miles and miles! I tried to do my bit to remedy this by looking something like a tree out at the Whale Observatory at the head of the Bight (see photo) but I doubt it made any difference.

We breezed in to Ceduna late this pm and were able to catch the second half of Oz v Wales. (Memo Robbie: See. If you pick the right team with Barnesie and Sharpie, all is well!) Onya Wallabies! A really good game and a result you deserved. Far be it from me to be dog-in-mangerish, but we would have thrashed France on Sunday! Sigh.

Tomorrow Pete and I are off to explore the coastline of SA and really looking forward to it. I will report back again when I have something to report back. Until then.....



PS Sorry about the multiple photos. The internet link has dropped out here 5 times during this post. I will try to edit the surplus photos out later.

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